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How should the conductive cloth be stored?

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        In the assembly process of electronic products, an electronic shielding material and a conductive cloth are often used. Conductive cloth has a shielding effect and good electrical conductivity, and is widely used in the production and use of major electronic products. The following small series will explain the storage knowledge of conductive cloth for everyone.

        1. If the conductive cloth must be used in the low magnetic state of the natural environment, the conductive cloth must be warmed back to ensure that the conductive cloth is stored at room temperature (20 degrees Celsius) for more than three hours. Effectively ensure the shielding performance and electrical conductivity of the conductive cloth.

        2. If the remaining conductive cloth is not used up during use, try not to discard waste. It should be stored in a cardboard box for sealed storage.

        3, conductive cloth storage conditions should be cool and ventilated, must avoid high temperature or high humidity, which can effectively ensure the quality of conductive cloth. The quality guarantee period of the conductive cloth is six months after the production, so everyone must use it in the best period.

        The role of conductive cloth in the era of electronic technology is very large. I believe everyone should understand that electronic products carry radiation and have long-term effects on human health. Conductive cloth can effectively shield, so conductive cloth The market value is very large.


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