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Use of conductive cloth

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        The conductive foam is composed of a conductive cloth wrapped with conductive foam, and a hot melt adhesive is disposed between the conductive cloth and the conductive foam, and the hot melt adhesive bonds the conductive cloth and the conductive foam into an integral structure on the outer side of the conductive cloth. On the top, there is a conductive paste for fixing the conductive cloth foam strip.

         The conductive foam is integrated with the conductive cloth to reduce the contact resistance between the conductive foam and the conductive cloth, and the fixed bonding is convenient and firm when used, thereby reducing the production cost and obtaining a better electromagnetic shielding effect. The use of conductive cloth can be used for shielding work clothes for high-radiation work such as electronics and electromagnetics; special shielding cloth for shielding room; special cloth for shielding parts of IT industry.


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